Back to Buena Vista

About a year and a half ago, Michigan’s electric cooperatives sent 10 linemen to Buena Vista, Guatemala. They worked side-by-side with local residents to bring electricity to the remote, mountainous village. [...]

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Telling The Story

People can’t stop talking about the Partners For Power project. It’s a story with heart. A story about people coming together for a cause bigger than themselves. It’s a story worth [...]

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There was a general spirit of gratitude as our linemen reunited with their families at the Grand Rapids airport this evening — gratitude for a job well done, and gratitude for [...]

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Day 14: A Heartfelt Token Of Gratitude

Festivities for the inauguration celebration kicked off early yesterday morning with a band playing live music. The entire village came together to celebrate the arrival of electricity in their community, and [...]

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Day 8: Teaching The Trade

We’re continuing to make good progress and are still slightly ahead of schedule. We wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we are now without the unwavering support of the locals. [...]

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Day 7: A Band Of Brothers

The way our team has clicked is unbelievable. Honestly, it was like a brotherhood right off the bat. Out here there are plenty of stressful conditions, and 10 different ways to [...]

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Day 4: A Warm Welcome

Pulling up to the village of Buena Vista was a spectacular moment that I will never forget. As soon as the schoolyard came into view, we realized that all of the [...]

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Day 3: Setting Up Camp

We got confirmation that the team arrived safely in Buena Vista at 7:30 p.m. last night. Upon their arrival they had dinner and then set-up their home-sweet-home for the next couple [...]

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Day 2: Welcome To Guatemala

The flight yesterday went well and we were all thankful to land safely in Guatemala City. My first impression of Guatemala City was that it’s a very busy, active place with [...]

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