Sometimes when you are in a moment, you know it’s one that you will remember for the rest of your life. That happened to me today, and I was lucky enough to have it captured in a photo (pictured). I was at the top of a pole working high above the clouds, when I paused for a minute to take it all in. The view was incredible, but what really got to me was looking out at all of the villagers who have been working tirelessly alongside of us. I thought about how their lives would be drastically improved in a matter of days, and how amazing it was that I was playing a small part in making it happen. The awesomeness of this moment just can’t be described in words.

After that, the day just kept getting better. In the evening we got out a volt meter to test our work. We tested the meter right by the school and it read 124 volts. We were ecstatic because that confirms everything is solid. All we have left to do is hang a few more streetlights and hook up one more house. Up until today we’ve been pushing it hard, not wanting to chance running out of time to finish the job. Now, the pressure is off. We are looking forward to turning the lights on at the official inauguration celebration on Monday. We even bought a couple of piñatas to bring to the party.

-Contributed by Great Lakes Energy lineworker, Tony R.