The lights are on in Buena Vista, but our team’s work didn’t end there. Yesterday the linemen distributed over 450 pounds of donated goods to the villagers, including school supplies, backpacks, toothbrushes, stuffed animals, winter hats, clothing, and more.

Gathering these items was a team effort organized by the employees of Cherryland Electric, Cloverland Electric, Great Lakes Energy, HomeWorks Tri-County Electric, Midwest Energy and Wolverine Power cooperatives. Distributing the contents of the 9 suitcases was a different kind of team effort. The linemen had to divide items into three stations, grouped by age, to make sure everybody got something.

“The villagers have worked so hard on this entire project with us,” said Wolverine safety coordinator, Matt M. “It was fun to be able to give their families one more surprise before we go back home to our own families.”

A ceremonial “inauguration” and celebration will take place today, and then the linemen will start down the mountain on their long journey home.