We’re continuing to make good progress and are still slightly ahead of schedule. We wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we are now without the unwavering support of the locals. Every morning by the time we’re done with breakfast they’re waiting by our trucks, ready for the day’s adventure.

I’ve been working with a group of teenage boys the last couple of days. They want to be as involved as they possibly can. I’ve been letting them run the hand line (the rope pulled to transport materials up and down the pole) and they really get a kick out of it.

Today I thought I’d offer them a new experience, and asked if they wanted to climb a pole. At first they were too shy and no one took me up on my offer, but by mid-day I had one brave taker. I helped him put on my climbing gear, and off he went. He was really hesitant at first, clinging to the pole for dear life, but after a little coaxing he got up enough courage to pull back his hands and lean into the belt. He loved it! Of course after that all the others wanted to try, too.

Two streetlights were constructed by the school today, so these kids will have a safe, well-lit schoolyard very soon. We also brought materials with us to build a basketball hoop on the backside of one of the streetlights, which should be a fun surprise.

-Contributed by Cherryland Electric lineworker, Tom U.