The Project

North Beni, Bolivia  |  September, 2018

Where is Beni, exactly?

The Beni Department is located in northeastern Bolivia, bordered by Brazil to the north and east. Only 56 percent of households and businesses have access to electricity in Beni. Communities in this region are not well connected to the rest of the country due to unpaved roads, many of which are impassable in the rainy season during the months of December to February. The climate is hot and humid, it’s one of the wettest regions in Bolivia.

Project Summary

The North Beni Electrification Project will electrify six communities located on the road between Riberalta and Guayaramerin in northern Bolivia. Due to the length of this project, several groups of volunteers will be needed to complete the entire project construction. Michigan will be working to electrify the first two communities, Santa Malia and El Hondo.

Household Connections
Miles of Line

Ready To Get Involved?

There are lots of ways you can support the project. From making a donation to drinking a cup of coffee, find the right fit for you.